Yoga, houdini dogs … let’s talk about it

Toastmaster Ade kicked things off reminding us about keeping spontinaity at in our lives. Then followed up with a story with her being asked for ID. Which I’m sure any of us would feel great about!

Our first speaker for the evening was Jessica with her speech ‘Mans best friend’.  We were given an insight to the lives of Zoe the Bichon and Sky the Shitzu.  Most notably Sky, who as it turns out is an escape artist. Digging up the seedling that were just part of the escape plan, then disappearing through a hole in the fence to two of the neighbours houses.  We had a lot of laughs listening to this one.


Next up was Sam.  This was a stirring speech which covered off a part of mental illness that is over looked. The title of his speech ‘Talk about it’.  He highlighted to us the part, the important part, about mental illness, which is talk about it.  We can talk about so many other things that fall into illness, broken bones, the common cold, etc. But when it comes to mental illness, there seems to be a stigma attached which makes us remain quiet.  Thanks Sam for keeping awareness alive and congratulations on completing your 10th Competent Communicator speech project!


Pooja was next, talk about ‘What is Yoga’.  Another super interesting topic and a great breakdown of Yoga from a historical, spiritual and mental point of view.
By the end of this one, we were all wanting to try some or all of the different aspects of Yoga, which turns out to be more than just stretching.  Consider me re-educated.


Tabletopics for the evening were championed by Jane.  Where impromtu speakers had to share a story and then everyone had to decide if it was true of not.
Between Sergie, JP, Daisy, Tim and Ellie we were left, amazed, confused and awestruck.

Thanks everyone for a great night.

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