Words, Love and Ariana Grande

With Jennifer at the helm this week, we had a great meeting!

She MC’d our meeting like a Pro and gave us a theme for the evening, which was ‘Words’.
Jennifer is a wordsmith without a doubt and by using this skill, she was able to introduce us to a few new words.
Cathedral was one of them, we learned that the when traced back to its origins, the Cathedral wasn’t a building but a Chair (The Chair) that resides within the building.

After a short history lesson, we were on to the first speaker of the night. Sergie.

Sergie presented to us and showed us the benefits of a life where we learn to love ourselves.

Here’s what he had to say:

Matt was up next with a project from the Public Relations manual where he was the public relations manager for Ariana Grande.

This is how he handled things like a boss:

Then to polish off the night we had our impromptu speaking section:

Well done everyone!

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