Whodunnit and a bonanza of global destinations.

Back into the main arena for the summer season, tonight’s meeting was opened by Toastmaster Jan with a lovely warm welcome. We were treated to three prepared speeches. First up was Maya who presented her first “Icebreaker” speech without notes! Yep, you read right, no notes for the Icebreaker, an astounding feat that is rarely experienced. The speech was fascinating too, so well done Maya!

Next up was Tim with an after dinner speech project all about Sveeden, entitled Oj Oj Oj! A great insight into the geography, people, language and culture of the country, interspersed with humorous anecdotes to keep the after dinner listeners awake!

Jennifer followed with a practice acceptance speech; good luck at the awards ceremony Jennifer; let us know how you go.

Table topic tonight was a rare treat, with TableTopics master David setting a Cluedo based whodunnit theme, with the speakers having to explain their innocence in the face of murderous accusations! What a hoot; I remember excuses from ballet dancing vicar to a lesbian liaison between Ms Scarlett and Ms Peacock!


Congratulations to all participants, everyone had a part to play, we all had fun and we all learned something!

Until next time …

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