What was being served?

The weather outside was frightful, but David Knight was so delightful, with winter facts sprinkled all through the meeting, the evening was incredibly well run and truly memorable.

With her 5th Competent Communicator speech tonight was Jane with “What was that?”.  Jane’s objectives might’ve been set around using body language, but story which unraveled through this speech was absolutely gripping, right from the moment Jane opening by frightening us all with a stomp her foot and shouting “What was that?”.  “That” was the largest earthquake in Christchurch’s history and our Jane was managing an aged care facility for 100 people.  There were leaning walls, no power, no heating, a leaking roof, gas supply problems and eventual evacuation, but they got through with no infections and no sickness.  Incredible.  Thank you for sharing this story Jane.


With project #4 from the Persuasive Speaking advanced manual was Gary tonight with “Are you being served?” – a very clever speech title (Ref. the British sitcom of the 80s) for a somewhat serious speech, which challenged Gary to use all his persuasive skills to sell something.  That something turned out to be an electric drill, and the subject was our Sanna, who conversed with Gary in a role-play!  The roleplay was entertaining, yet also highly informative, as Gary illustrated technique like building rapport, listening, focusing on the buyer and creating value.  Congratulations on nailing this speech tonight Gary!


Tabletopics was as hilarious as ever, with Pooja in charge, this time with a time machine!  People were set up with a strange situation, involving time, where they had to speak for 2mins on the topic.  Matt was giving advice to himself at age 10, Steve went back in time to relive a moment in Rarotonga, Sergie pimped up his time-machine with flat-screens and new UI, Nick went way off into the future while Ade got to see her forefathers arriving in New Zealand on a boat.  Eden wrapped it all up, going back to high school for a week, to what he called ultimate prime age.

Thanks for a great evening – see you all next time!

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