Wet Exiting with Bertrand

This week was an interesting change from our normal weekly get together.
Our Toastmaster for the evening was Ellie.
She kicked things off in top gear with a big welcome to everyone after a long Easter weekend.
Ellie then teased us a little with a surprise she promised would surface later in the meeting.


Our speaker for the evening was Janet.
She gave an informative speech and educated us on the finer points of wet exiting.
Which happens to be how to get out of your kayak once you have flipped upside down in the water.
We were enlightened to many of the dangers that await anyone who cares to take up kayaking.
luckily for us Janet had a simple set of rules to follow when kayaking.

  1. Dont Panic – simple enough, right? Hmm, maybe not. Something about being upside in water tells me this is worth practising.
  2. Grab the tab and pull: This is to do with you spray skirt. Make sure you attach it to your boat correctly.
  3. Grab your paddle: Don’t lose it you’ll need it later.
  4. Don’t put your hand through the end loop: Be sure to hold the end loop instead, you don’t want to get stuck.
  5. Keep your legs up: While floating down the river, make sure you float feet first with them floating on the surface.
  6. Go to the tail end of the boat: The tail end it the end up stream.

Want to see the basics of what Janet was talking about? Check out your basic wet exit right here.
Great speech Janet.

Next we had an outstanding bard from Sam.
Sam gave us a taste of a great speech made by a giant of a man, Bertrand Russel.
While his topic was amazing and enthralling, Sam showed us that he has some great skills as a speaker.
He was able to keep an engaging flow and wow us with some powerful language.
Keep up the awesome work Sam!

Then came Ellie’s surprise, she asked for two volunteers for give impromptu speeches.
Dave and Matt threw their hands up and got amongst it – Good on ya lads!

Dave was given the topic ‘First day on the job’.
It was as if Dave had been writing this speech for weeks. We were treated to plenty of humour, structured well throughout the speech about the first day at his new job.
After a few minutes, we got to hear how much responsibility Dave has on his shoulders now.
Good luck Dave, we leave our city in your hands.

Matt was up next, telling us about his topic ‘Orientation’ and some handy hints to survive your first few months at university.
We were let into the world of a student for 4 minutes. With Apps, Umbrellas and much more mentioned I’m not sure who has the harder job. Dave planning some big projects in Christchurch or Matt on the frontline of student life.
Nicely done Matt.

What a fun night.
Im looking forward to next week already.



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