Welcome to 2018!

Tonight we had the first meeting of the year. Everyone was well-rested and also a bit rusty when it came to Toastmasters meetings… but that just shows the importance of practice!

Our Club President JP took charge for the meeting and covered off some of the things he wants to achieve this year.

The first speaker was Eva who delivered a fact-filled speech about electric cars. Eva talked about the technical challenges as well as the benefits of owning one. Amazingly she didn’t require any notes!

Next up was Gary who talked about the Berlin wall. Gary intermixed the history of the wall with details about his recent travels to see it. It was an illuminating talk and everyone learned something about this fascinating and awful period in history.

Table topics were run by Nick (who was sporting a beard that made him look like Santa). Nick asked members to come to the stage and talk about things related to the new year, eg. new years resolutions, holiday plans, etc.

After the supper break we had evaluations from Jennifer, Kahu, Jane, and Sanna, and the timer’s report was delivered by Kent.

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