Truthful moments

It was time for a club health-check – this evening we took the opportunity to run the Toastmasters Moments of Truth program.  Leading the session was Mike Johnson ATM who with a rich background in HR introduced himself as someone “who loves to work with people” and was clearly relishing the opportunity to work with Cathedral City Toastmasters to make us even better.

Mike gave a great overview of the program, before walking us through the six key categories for evaluation.  Breaking into 3 working groups, we set evaluating our club and brain-storming recommendations for improvements.


And the results were encouraging!  In general we are doing well, but there is always room for improvement.  The three key action points we decided on were as follows.

Membership Strength More demo nights and better new member followup process (Dave B)
Fellowship, Variety & Communication More social events! (Ade, Jan, Marg & Jen)
Membership Orientation Run educational on mentoring (Tim)
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But before we wrapped up the night, we took a moment to celebrate another recent club success.  Husband & wife team Dave B & Ade both recently completed their Competent Communicator manuals and it was our pleasure to applaud this fantastic achievement tonight.  Congratulations to you both!