Trails formerly with rails and a girl’s best friend

2014 is well underway with another great evening lead by the very able Toastmaster JP, and featuring two brilliant ‘Visual Aids’ speeches, this time from both of our Brierlys.

Ade was first with “Earrings are a girl’s best friend”. A picture of skill & confidence, Ade introduced her topic and unveiled her incredible collection of earrings for all to see. We enjoyed some interesting facts about the history of earrings before indulging in the origins of some of Ade’s favourites from the ‘blingy to the outrageous’! (We’ll be watching for the ‘hands earrings’ at a meeting soon Ade!).

Ade introduces a girl’s best friend

Continuing with the visual-aids-Brierly-theme, we moved into the main amphitheater for what appeared to be a slide presentation, before Dave took us all by surprise rolling into centre stage on his bicycle! Talk about an opening! Speaking with no notes, Dave gave us the run-down on his custom single-speed machine, before presenting photos and stories of his recent adventure through the Central Otago Rail Trail on two wheels. There was all kinds of weather, tiny huts, old huts, even a rainbow trout which turned into breakfast! Dave left many of us itching to ride the trail for ourselves.

Kathy’s table topics was super-clever – a bag of Magic Chewing Gum! (Where do you get this stuff Kathy?!) Gary’s magic chewing gum caused the chewer to actually enjoy spending time with his mother, and Jan’s had the power to turn a bad day into a great day, which as Jan described would be rather useful when you’ve misplaced (ahem) your keys. Then who could forget Ellie’s manic speech which began in a drunken persona, and then a very serious persona, hammering home her message on the pitfalls of social drinking. Congratulations to all four of our guests tonight who stood up to introduce themselves too – Sandi, Lili, Michael & Jonathan.

See you all next time!