Foreign Nurse? Lakeside Holidays? Flag it…

Toastmaster Gary kicked us off tonight, reminding us how cold it was but was very happy to see so many of us along.  He regaled us with stories of his day which got us all in the mood.

Our first speaker of the night was Jane with her ‘Ice breaker’ speech.  She spoke about some of her childhood and told us about the time she spent in Samoa as a nurse.  We were shown a world where Jane was a complete stranger and couldn’t communicate directly with those around her because she didn’t not speak the language.  But, she found a way and she loved the whole experience.  Thanks for sharing Jane.



Next Up was Vida who shared a memories of visits to the Schurr families prepared holiday destination, Lake Rotoroa.  There were sandflies, long drives and flooded boat engines. A kiwi dream holiday.  Oh and there were the birthday lunches, children laughing and playing and the emotions of joy that can really only be built when you are with loved ones on a ritual holiday.  Well done Vida.


Our last organised speech for the evening was by Chrissie.  She spoke about the referendum to change the New Zealand flag.  This was an incredibly well put together and well researched speech.  Topical, valid, real and passion are just some of the words that describe this speech.  Great to see you showing your skill Chrissie.


Then we had out table topics sessions (impromptu speeches)
Dave was our table topics master for the evening and who brought back a classic, with vengeance.
He placed several pictures on the board and had people pic a number between 1-6 this gave the speaker a picture, which that had to talk about to the audience.

All five of our speakers, Jan, Tim, Janet, Sam and JP added humour, and delighted us with interesting stories.
With topics like Chocolate Factories, Summer Snow Storms, Giant Deadly Jaffa Snow Balls, The Invention of Fluro Vests and the Tallest Girl in the World. You can imagine the madness we would all have experienced this week.

Thanks for such a great time this week and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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