Ten out of ten!

With another rain storm set-in over Christchurch and some of our members stranded in the flooding, the weather very nearly got the better of us.  But that was until Jennifer came to the rescue offering her living room just over the road for the meeting.  And what a great evening it turned out to be too.

With everyone settled in the lounge with warm drinks and comfy seats we began the evening with Ade’s 10th CC speech “To recycle or not to recycle”. This was a well researched speech, backed up with a large quantity of data.  Ade built her case for the environment with real passion, urging us to take action throughout the speech.  “Take ownership of your waste footprint”, “When you buy products, you also buy the packaging”, “At the current rate, we’re going to need three planets to withstand our demand”.  A very powerful speech, which illustrated just how much Ade has learnt over her ten speeches.


Debuting in the Tabletopics role tonight was David K, with an incredible book review challenge.  David had printed five large posters of real books which participants may or may not have read, tasked with delivering a two minute book review for each.


First was Dave B reviewing the book Anybody can be cool, but awesome takes practice.  A difficult challenge to say the least, but no problem for our awesome Dave.  Next was Kenneth with Everything I know about women I learned from my tractor.  “It’s not a difficult read” he added “it only has three pages, and one of them was intentionally left blank”.  Brilliant!.  Ade took the floor next with Are women human and other international dialogs.  This book had clearly had quite an effect on Ade as she protested rather convincingly that women are actually human.  Tim talked about the benefits of designing, building and pimping your own coffin with Fancy coffins to make yourself before Emma reviewed her very own work Why cats paint: a theory of feline aesthetics.  “I am an acclaimed artist” she began, then “I was bored with my own painting, so I turned to cats”.  Genius!

But this evening also marked a great milestone in the history of Cathedral City Toastmasters, because when Ade completed her 10th speech, not only did she achieve the Competent Communicator award, but the club achieved a perfect score of ten Distinguished Club Program goals for the toastmasters calendar year.  Something never achieved before in our history and something to be very proud of!

Congratulations all!