Tonight we had Toastmaster Nick in charge, leading us through the meeting. We began with a big congratulations to Sanna on her brand new baby boy! We wish her and her son all the best!!

First up we had Philipp with a speech on rocket launching. “It’s not rocket science” – but it actually is! He spoke to us about on coming to New Zealand there weren’t many experts in the field meaning that there was no one saying things were unachievable, with no limitations comes success! Take the risk and launch!!

Gary was up next with an educational about club growth and how we will ensure our success and growth as a club by assisting another club with their own development. Gary has proposed Cathedral City work alongside another club that is struggling with membership and club procedures to help revive and push for their success. This will not only help the community within our E5 Area, it will benefit our growth as a club and keep us on the incline.

JP hosted table topics tonight with a tool for our table topics tool box. He gave each speaker a different topic before the meeting and then presented each speaker with the same topic. The point was to get the speakers to take the topic and relate it to their preplanned speech by intertwining them. The topic was: “why i like my job.” Tim loves his job because he has colourful Giraffes in his office. He has nerf bullets flying through the air & he brought in the topic of his favourite video game, Grand Theft Auto off the topic. Jan spoke about why she loves teaching and how her favourite time in the class room is the holidays. Her favourite movie was then tied in at the end. Richard loves his work because he loves the annual leave, he then went on to his favourite holiday spots! Craig enjoys the people he works with and the work life balance, leaving him with plenty of spare time to do other things. Diane loves working with children and spending lots of time outside, which is perfect because her favourite season is winter! Fernando gave us a great first introduction to finish us off!!


See you all next week!!

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