The world’s greatest multitasking goats

‘You’re not alive unless you’re challenging yourself’ was the theme of the night, introduced with style by Dave B. With the challenge set, we stretched ourselves over and over again, from first speeches, to long impromptu speeches and some other new approaches.

Dave Y gave the first prepared speech of the evening, this time based on the myth of the non-multi-taskable-man. Dave illustrated his point with great use of props, as he pulled one remote control after another out of a box, demonstrating how men are more-than-capable of simultaneously operating several devices at once. But then came the parallel – what if we could control our lives or even others with a remote? How would we use this power? Would we really be any better off? Brilliant!

Can men multitask? Sure they can!

Next was Ellie with her own personal challenge, to deliver a seven minute impromptu speech, just to ‘stretch her abilities’. ‘Make a goat of yourself’ began as a creative story about goats on a mountainside, followed by a personification of the goats viewed through a mother’s eyes. Ellie drove her message home in the conclusion with some strong similes and metaphors. With wonderful use of triplicates, body language and rich language, Ellie’s delivery was effective and captivating.

Ellie describes goats with locked horns

Tabletopics was as challenging as we’ve come to expect from JP, this time based around, ahem, some creative job descriptions. Participants had to explain how and why they were the best at these jobs in the world.

Leading the charge was Tim, the world’s best snake-venom-milker, who stumbled into the profession after a mishap with a snake during coffee with Ellie. Jennifer, the world’s greatest waterslide tester explained some of the shortfalls of the profession, such as dealing with human blockages and fielding phone calls at 3am with the chirpy line “Hello waterslide testing – how can I help?”! Marise, the world’s greatest pet-food-tester explained how her childhood love of animals and calf-milk-powder grew into an all-out obsession with every kind of pet food! Marise now frequents pet-food-tasting conventions all over the world. Henry was next, aka the world’s greatest Teddybear Repair Technician! Bite marks and trouble with stitching are all in a day’s work for Henry – “Children commit some absolutely awful atrocities” said the expert! Lucky last was Ade the Gumologist – the world’s greatest chewing gum tester! Driven into the profession through her children’s love of gum, Ade asserted herself as the world’s leading authority on the subject!

Congratulations also to our guest Jay for his introduction tonight. We hope to see you back.

See you all next time!