The Meta Game, Lush Lawns & Guitar Music filled Childhoods

On the 27th of November at Cathedral City we had Carl as our Toastmaster! After a few last minute changes he pulled together a stellar evening that had us all learning, growing and entertained. 

JP was speaker one with “The Meta Game” which was an ideology he had been putting together from different gameplays such as video games, chess and public speaking. He spoke about how the different stages of the learning process play in. The Meta is when your doing something well and just realising you have the skills to do it.

Richard was up next with his speech “Watching the Grass Grow.” As research and present project he took us through how he has grown (close to) the perfect lawn! His stages of the research process took him to forums on google, to his dad and then to an expert from the Garden Centre. Rich had lots of enthusiasm and gave us a really animated presentation.

Tim was third with his icebreaker speech “an icebreaker and E.” Tim sat on a chair at the front, guitar in hand and took us on a journey through his childhood and early life with the strum of his guitar to set the mood. It was soothing and engaging. One of the most unique icebreakers we’ve seen as club!

Tabletopics was lead by Gary with various images and captions for the speakers to speak on. Jan kicked it off with a stunt man (you’d obviously had an accident) back for a second attempt at the bungy jump in his wheelchair. Matt was second with Samsung launching the next robot and gave us an educational on memes. Jane was third with a car through a wall as a new parking initiative. She is currently enjoying using the bus. Rodney spoke on military downgrades in budget with guns on donkeys instead of tanks. Nick was last but not least speaking on the issue of influence from China on social issues in New Zealand.

Another great meeting for the books!! 

See you all again next week CC! 👋🏼

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