The Mathematics of Quilting

Tonight we had our Vice President of Publicity, Matt, take the reins of the meeting and he did a great job.

The first speaker was Jono who was completing his ice-breaker speech. Jono talked about growing up and learning to love mathematics. He went on to excel in the subject at University and did tutoring as well. Jono was extremely confident during his presentation and we can’t wait to see more speeches from him.

Next up was Jennifer, who discussed some tips and tricks to creating your own quilt. Jennifer brought in fabric samples and even some entire quilts to demonstrate, and it was highly educational and interesting!

Tabletopics were handled by Ade, who brought in some funny photos for members to make up stories about. Lots of laughs were had by all.

After supper we had evaluations from Binaya, Eva, Diane and Dave Young. Hannah was our timer and was also voted in as our new club Treasurer.

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