The glass is half full of golf shoes

This evening had something for everyone. A good dose of laughter, some speaking experience, some of Jan’s scrummy ‘failed fudge’ (Seriously Jan – it wasn’t a failure!), a whole lot of applause and plenty of learning to match.

We began with an incredible bard from Matt and his original bear ‘Paddo’. Matt sat on a seat at the front with Paddo and read the story “Paddington at the station”, the story of how Paddington Bear was found and got his name! Ade and Ellie were so captured with the story that they were almost brought to tears! What a success – congratulations Matt!

The evening’s first speech came from Dave Y, as he wrapped up the Humorously Speaking manual! Awesome! Dave’s goal was to keep his audience laughing, and this speech did exactly that! It was hillarious. “Golf” was a story of Dave’s failed career in golfing – ladies tee-offs, chainsaws, lost golf balls, dangerous bathroom golf and professional help that just didn’t help! Evaluator Gary praised Dave for the speech, highlighting the seamless stitching and flow. Well done Dave and congratulations on completing this manual!


Next to take the floor was David K with his 4th CC speech “The glass is half full of blind shoes”. The 4th CC speech project is called ‘How to say it’ – it’s all about choosing the right words and grammar. But David’s genius idea was to deliver a speech on just that – the importance of words. Making his points through rich examples, David described with clarity how even precisely the same sentences can have entirely different meanings just by changing the inflection. Congratulations on another brilliant speech David!


Jan’s tabletopics were brilliant tonight as she called forward authors to present their latest books to the audience. Gary was a quality assurance officer, ‘gone bonkers’ presenting his latest book “Before you quit your job”. “It’s a slippery slope”, speaking for experience, when he was trapped in a job, doing nothing, and getting paid for it! Ade’s “House rules” was her best work yet – a gripping story of a boy with asbergers who is framed for murder! Our newest member, Maya, wanted to share the fun, choosing to read a section of her book “The story of God” while JP & Tim acted it out!? Theatresports? JP & Tim? Chaos. Malcom wrapped it all up, introducing his newest book “The sins of the father”. “I’ve taken a year off” he said, “This book has really been quite a trip!”.

Well done on another great evening! See you next time!

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