The awards are flowing!

The 2014 / 2015 Toastmasters year finished on a high note at Cathedral City with a good handful of awards being filed in the last couple of weeks.

In the spirit of celebrating our success, we like to make a big deal of presenting these awards, because each represents effort, growth and excellence in the fields of public speaking and leadership.


Here’s Dave B looking pretty content about picking up his Competent Leadership award.  And well he should!  This manual takes many many weeks, applying oneself in a multitude of roles, ranging from being the timer, evaluating speeches and evening running and entire contest.  Congratulations Dave on this achievement!


Here’s our Tim picking up his Advanced Communicator Bronze award from club President JP.  As you can see in this photo, Tim can hardly believe he’d completed the award – ten speech projects in total; five on technical presentations and another five on entertaining speaking.  All-in-all Tim spent around 18 months getting through all of this – a great milestone in his Toastmasters career.

Gary award

It’s the big one!  Toastmaster awards don’t get any bigger than this!  Here’s Gary receiving his heavy DTM award plaque.  We surprised Gary with a special award evening including guests from other clubs, past toastmasters and family.  One-by-one we stood up & described in our own words the difference Gary had made to our clubs, New Zealand Toastmasters and each of our lives through his continued effort, work & passion in Toastmasters.  A truly monumental award which couldn’t have gone to a more deserving Toastmaster.  Congratulations Gary.  Outstanding!


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