Tasha’s speech goes to print

Tasha Black with her niece

Cathedral City Toastmaster, Tasha Black, last night delivered a blinding speech from the Competent Communicator manual that has today gone to print in the Christchurch Press.  Titled, “Welcome to Christchurch – sorry about the mess”, Tasha’s speech left the audience of 12 at Cathedral City Toastmasters awestruck, on the eve of the 3rd anniversary of the initial Darfield earthquake.

Project #4 “How to say it” encourages the speaker to use the full power of words to convey the message.

  • Select the right words and sentence structure to communicate your ideas clearly, accurately and vividly.
  • Use rhetorical devices to enhance and emphasize ideas.
  • Eliminate jargon and unnecessary words. Use correct grammar.

Tasha nailed each of these objectives, creating a powerful and beautifully-crafted speech on the topic of post-quake Christchurch, capturing the mood, rebirth and even the language associated with the earthquakes and the rebuild.

A major component of Toastmasters is the feedback cycle, where anyone who speaks receives feedback in the form of a commendation, recommendation & commendation.  But this time, the feedback included; “You really should publish this.  It’s fantastic”.

Congratulations Tasha, we are so very proud of you.

You can find Tasha’s speech at stuff.co.nz here.