Surviving wolves with vegetables

And we’re back! Cathedral City Toastmasters kicked off 2014 tonight with a hiss and a roar, including two great prepared speeches from Tasha & Kathy.

Under the competent leadership of Toastmaster Ade, the evening’s speeches commenced with a New Years theme as Emma delivered a thought-provoking Bard on 8 improvements we might consider for 2014.

Then Tasha took the floor with her CC7 speech titled “Survival”. Centred on the life of Louis Zamperini, Tasha so eloquently peeled back layer after layer of this man’s rich life. Survival at sea, survival at war, survival when captured then survival and transformation in modern times. A very moving and grounding speech. For those interested, one of the books Tasha referenced was Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.

Switching to current events, Kathy then spoke with passion around the events of January 4 in the Christchurch Bus Exchange when a German tourist known as Soeneke was beaten and robbed by three men. Titled “The two wolves”, Kathy built up her message, protesting at a lack of morals, the gap between rich and poor and the attitudes of the police compared with a few ‘Lofty ideals’. The height of the speech was when she came back to quote the Native American Story – Two wolves. A thought-provoking and moving speech.

Kathy uses hand gestures to emphasis her point

Table topics was both incredibly difficult and side-splittingly funny, as Margo challenged each speaker to introduce their vegetable-of-choice for a speech. That’s right, real life Toastmasters doing speech introductions for vegetables. JP introduced Mr Mushroom with “Why do onions make me cry?”. Then Dave Y introduced Mr Leek with “How to enhance the basic soup”. Just when it couldn’t get any better, Jan picked up a sad, spongy carrot (Mr Carrot) and introduced his speech “Orange hands like Mr Carrot”. Luckily enough we got a break from the mayhem while our three visitors, Amir, Lil & Andrew introduced themselves. Chrissy had the last laugh with Master Pepper and his speech “Virtues of the Red Pepper”.

JP introduces Speaker #3 – Mr Mushroom
Dave getting ready to introduce Speaker #4 – Mr Leek

Great times & great fun. Awesome to see everyone back again with full effect!

Until next time!