Summer, Leadership and tea-towel undies

And just like that it was December. The home-straight for the year. But tonight’s meeting couldn’t be further from a wind-down, with two incredible prepared speeches, a manic table topics session and who could forget Inka’s incredible caramel slice!

With Chrissy in the Toastmaster driving seat we started off in warm-Chrissy-style, on time, to what would turn out to be a perfectly executed punctual finish.

But our first speaker had a major twist to her speech. Beginning by unveiling a multitude of props including straw hats, a body board, bowls of strawberries and even ice-blocks, Tasha’s 8th CC speech titled “Summer” had a great atmosphere that could even be tasted. With wonderful use of rhetorical devices and rich-Tasha-style-language, Tasha was thoroughly entertaining as she retold her kiwi summer experiences right through to adulthood, emphasising all the subtle differences along the way.

Tasha’s audience also getting comfortable with visual aides


Maximum body-language! Tasha applies sunscreen during her speech

Then the meeting turned towards education, as Marg took the stage with her powerful speech “To be a leader”. Speaking with sincerity and structure, Marg introduced the two fundamental components of leadership in a person; leadership qualities and leadership characteristics. Describing by example and with great use of triplicates and body language, Marg delivered her message in full colour, for all to enjoy.

Marg delivering her powerful speech ‘To be a leader’ with impact

Jennifer was our tabletopics master of the evening, setting up a very clever & entertaining session based around secret-santa. Participants had to draw a present from a Christmas stocking, then describe why their chosen present was the best present ever! Gary was first with Talcom Powder for his sore gardening hands, Ellie with bathroom scales and Jonathan with a bunch of frilly hankies. Lucky Ade got ‘Greatest hits of New Zealand’s got talent on DVD’ and JP some kind of tea-towel-undies-combo. Yes – a tea-towel with undies. Awesome!

Recapping the club business, we decided next week should be our final evening of the year in order to free up time for other yuletide activities. This means next week will be our fun evening, this year based around a quiz-night. Immediate family, friends, children and significant-others are all welcome. Count-up your numbers and pass this info onto Gary so he can do the catering. There’ll be great food, a fun tabletopics session and a mystery prize-giving as well. One more thing – there’ll also be a secret santa on the night, so make sure you bring one gift per person, either homemade or to the maximum value of $5.

See you all next week!

Toastmasters for the taste-buds!