Spectacular marriage setup with rhyme

Toastmaster Dave demonstrated the role perfectly, beginning the evening right on time in a welcoming manner.

Grammarian Ade introduced the word of the day ‘Spectacular’ and derivatives ‘Spectacularly’ and ‘Spectacle’, before rounding off with a short poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, There was a little girl.

Kathy had a great bard reading titled “Marriage isn’t for you”.  Which transformed as it was read, from a young man with ‘cold feet’ to the kind words of a father, asking his son to consider that marriage as being not just about you, but the one you love – marriage isn’t for you.  “Love is entirely about the person you love”.

Kathy presents her bard “Marriage isn’t for you”

Tonight’s prepared speech was from Gary on the topic “Meeting setup 101”.  Beginning with reference to Gary’s favourite restaurant, Gary drew several parallels as to why a great club should be like a great restaurant.   “Top shelf”, “Great décor”, “Great standards”.  With effective use of visual aids, Gary systematically introduced the entire set of club equipment and materials.  A very appropriate speech for our club at this time of growth.

Gary uses visual aids to enhance his message
Gary uses visual aids to enhance his message

“My job tonight is to get you out of your comfort zone” began TableTopics Master Tim as he introduced the evening rhyming challenge.  With an A4 of rhyming prompts in hand, each participant was called to create rhyming poetry off the top of their heads for a whole two minutes.

Rhyming on the topic of ‘People’, JP resorted to song to enhance his lyrics – and he did cook up some truly beautiful lyrics; “I have a friend, her name is Pam, she has a pet lamb, and a fan, she has a pan, we tried to cram, in it some jam, spam, wham, bam, ham.”  Then there was his dandy friend called Mandy, with a weakness for shandy with brandy and plenty more.  Awesome!

Ellie was next, with a Dr Suess take on Animals.  “Ka-pat, ka-splat, that was my cat” and “Mole.  Mole who?  Mole-who’ll?  Mole-hole, mole-stole, mole-stew.  Mole-stew reminds me of my mouse.  The mouse in the house who stole my stew”.  But it didn’t stop there – there were dogs with logs, a shark in the zoo and an achiever beaver, who was quite a retriever.  Incredible!

Our third participant was Jennifer, rhyming on the topic of “Body”.  Jennifer spun some beautiful rhyme, mostly centred around our need for certain body parts.  “Why have an eye?”.  “Instead have a nose, I suppose, your nose grows.  A nose, like a rose, can superimpose on a hose.  My nose knows, I’m predisposed.  The crow’s nose grows to oppose the pose.”  And “Why have a fist?  With a twist?”.  We loved every second of it Jennifer!

Dave Y was next, rhyming on the topic of food.  “Consider the humble banana.  It comes from South Americana.  Just below Mexicana, then Panamana, where they grow Marijuana!”.  Then “Some of you heard that I wanted to be a Jockey.  And I wasn’t allowed to eat toffee any more or biscotti. Instead I got this bossy who made me stop drinking coffee.” All done with a beautiful flow and pace.

Last was Kathy with a medley of rhyme, beginning with some boy-girl trouble.  “I was once a fabulous brunette, and I had a boyfriend named Brett.  We loved to play roulette, which made me very upset.  Because he always wanted me to be in the kitchenette, where I decided he needed a threat – a thread against our pet!  And so, he got into a sweat.  A wet-sweat.  Which made me forget, that we were ever in debt, so we went back to his roulette.”  Kathy then went on to rhyme about how a detainee went on to find the key to be free, near a tree, in a marquee and more.  Wow!

Another epic meeting – plenty of laughs, learning and good times.

See you next week!