SM, Vegas, Finland and a bit of Craft Beer!

Happy October Toastmasters!

At Cathedral City we kick started our first meeting of the month jam packed with many memorable speakers and lots of laughs! We had Philipp as our Toastmaster and even with only one arm in action he had our meeting running smoothly with some solid left handed handshakes.

Our first speaker was Kirsten who gave us her fourth project from the Pathways program on Selective Mutism, a fear of not only public speaking but speaking in front of anyone. We all found this a very interesting and inspiring speech as we learnt how Kirsten had helped a young girl work through her SM and make huge improvements in her speaking ability.

Second we had Nick give us his (second) icebreaker as he begins the pathways program! He took us back to the beginning, in why he joined Toastmasters and how a work holiday in Las Vegas bought him to our club. Almost two years on Nick has come so far from when he first joined and his next opportunity to present in Las Vegas for work will be even better than the last!

Sanna was third up on our agenda and had the objective to persuade with power, (project 9 of the competent communicator manual). She gave us a well rounded argument of why Finland is an amazing travel destination and is a must do on everybody’s next trip to Europe. I think everyone was in agreement that the Northern Lights and frozen lake swims had us all eager for a Finnish holiday!

Last but not least we had Richard speak on his love of craft beer, taking us back to his first beer with his dad. Richard explained to us how beer has changed from generation to generation and how different kinds belong to different families. He talked to us about how this beverage is not only a relaxing moment at the end of a long week but also an opportunity to get his family to spend valuable time together.

We then had a idea generation quick fire exercise from JP as our table topics in preparation for our two club contests next week, followed by an array of valuable feedback from our line up of evaluators! With 18 members in attendance, this week marked our fullest meeting for the last couple of months and it was great to see everyones faces!

See you all next week for our table topics and humorous speech contests!!

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