Demonstrating health & safety with a white mouse

It was great to see so many people along to our demonstration meeting tonight. We deviated from the regular programme with M.C. Ellie giving our guests a friendly run-down on Toastmasters. Toastmaster Jan was next, setting a great positive tone for the meeting, introducing Grammarian Randal with his tongue-twisting word of the day ‘loquacious’.

Tonight was a night to remember for Scott, not just because he gave a blinding speech about Health & Safety, but because he was hit by another car on the way to the meeting! But despite the craziness earlier in the evening, he managed to roll body language & speech structure together for a whole seven minutes of great speaking.

Tasha had the floor next with a captivating speech about Nancy Wake. Titled “The white mouse” we got to learn about the antics and vivacious personality of this war-time kiwi hero and French resistance fighter. This time focussing on vocal variety, Tasha had everyone absolutely gripped with her delivery.

Dave B. demonstrated the Tabletopics role to perfection tonight with an excellent line-up of topics based on newspaper images. We heard Ellie make up a completely fake story about her son, then JP elaborated on how he’s more comfy talking than reading and finally Gary came clean on his fascination with gang headquarters. Really. Well done Dave B for encouraging our guests to stand up and contribute as well and well done all those who contributed to the success of this evening.

See you all next time!

Toastmaster Jan wraps up the evening in great style