Selling bunny hops and organs

We had a great first meeting at Cathedral City Toastmasters to kick of our year!

Our Toastmaster Dave Young remarked on the changeable weather and used it nicely to ease us into action.


Our first speaker for the evening was JP with his speech on the Sales process.
He taught us about what happens from a sales point of view in a retail store environment.
Things go a little something like this:
First Rapport is built, then Need Analysis, Value Proposition, Closing, Processing, Post Sales service.

Then Janet helped out with a Role play to show the process in action.
We learned some insights to help us see what goes on in the minds
Thanks JP


Next up was Matt who gave a whirlwind account of some driving lessons with his father.
We were on the end of our seats, as if we were there.
Matt told us about his love hate relationship with the clutch, driving uphill in 4th gear and how there were some hairy moments when all he could do was thank the lord.
With all the hill starting, clutch riding, high revving and octane action we were all nervous wrecks.
Great speech Matt!

Next were our impromptu speakers for the evening.
Jane, our Table Topics Master gave our speakers a huge challenge.
They were to draw from a pile pictures of human organs then tell us what is was like to be that organ…
We had Jennifer as a Kidney.
Ellie as a Brain.
Gary as the Large Intestine.
Janet as Lungs.
Gray as a Stomach.

Well done everyone on a first night back

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