Salient love for food & purple

What a salient evening!  Congratulations all on making it such a success.

Tim began with a story about the terror of going impromptu in front of a green screen at work.  Then Jennifer introduced our word-of-the day “Salient” with great clarity & some good examples before setting us free on the challenge.

Tasha was first up with her CC9 speech “Food for thought”.  The goal was to persuade with power, and Tasha certainly delivered – right from the word go.  Holding up a bag of chips and bottle of fizzy-drink, Tasha challenged how our society could make this type of food available for a combined price of $2.60.  But Tasha pushed deeper at the cause of obesity in our country, pointing the finger at our environment.  “We have become sedentary creatures”, our neighbourhoods and workplaces are set up for cars and the availability of high energy, high fat food.  “Eat well and exercise” were Tasha’s final words in this powerful speech.


In an interesting twist for the evening, JP gave an impromptu speech on a topic chosen by the audience.  After two minutes preparation time, JP was ready to talk about cows.  Actually, purple cows.  But he played it well, beginning with a picture of driving past herds of cows, until suddenly you see a purple one.  Then came the words “Product adoption” – this was a speech about marketing, and the way people discover, perceive and come to buy products.  One salient phrase was “Is our purple cow going to stay in your home?”.  Well done JP!


Dave B really pulled one out of the hat for Tabletopics tonight.  The topic was love and the questions were really tricky.  David K got ‘Is it better to have loved and lost than never loved at all’?  According to David – yes – he once lost his cat gingy, but it was better to have loved.

Ellie had ‘Why must you love someone enough to let them go’?  Answer – because it’s not about you – it’s about them.  Love is about helping someone become all they can be.  Wow.

Dave Y. got ‘Would you break the law to save a loved one’.  “Absolutely” said Dave, drawing analogies to WWII and the laws broken throughout Europe at that time.

To wrap up, Gary had ‘How many people do you love’?  But there was no stumping our Gary – history is full of people who have selflessly laid down their lives so that others may live.  That’s real love that comes from the heart.  Incredible.

See you all next time!