Remembering Inchcape bus with letters

Toastmaster Ellie had her entire audience wrapped around her little finger right from the get-go, as she instructed each of us to spell out the letters to ‘Tuesday’ using only our bodies.  “What is the best night of the week?” she asked – there was no mistaking the answer!  Where do you get this stuff Ellie!!

But it was a dynamic evening, including an educational, memory test, a poetic reading & some challenging table topics.

Dave Y had the speaking slot, this time with a somewhat unusual Toastmasters reading from Robert Southey.  “Inch Cape Rock”, a rich poem of 17 quatrains from 1802, told the story of a pirate who removed the bell from Scotland’s Inchcape rock and subsequently perished on the same rock some time later.  As Janet said in her evaluation, ‘Dave is a spell-binder, a magician in the way he uses his voice with this poem’.  Brilliant!  Thank you Dave!


In a new twist on educationals, JP used full audience participation tonight to deliver his message “About you & why you’re here”.  There was feedback from the floor about our expectations as well as what we’ve achieved so far, then a personal story from JP about his toastmaster journey before a final call-to-action where he encouraged the group to plan and actively pursue what each of us want from the resources in the club.  Thank you for this motivating speech JP!


Jan lead a brilliant round of Tabletopics tonight based around event-planning for Sam’s surprise birthday party.  Dave B had the cake right under control with marzipan topping, and it turned out Sergie had been preparing for the occasion for the last nine years with his perfect curry dish!  Zak had the bus transport and invitations sorted, just needing to remember not to invite Sam himself, then Ben unveiled his plans to hold the party in a French country church which Jennifer was determined to kit-out in a rugby theme, with pyramids of rugby balls, upright posts and a replica of the world cup!  Awesome!

Thanks for another great evening.  See you all next time!


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