Productive Procrastination & Crazy Family Christmas Photos

On our last official meeting for 2018 we had Dave Y as our Toastmaster opening the show. We got well under way with Nick as our one and only speaker.

Nick’s speech was titled “Productive Procrastination” and was an explanation of how his procrastination lead to a last minute prepared speech. He spoke about types of procrastination, how it negatively impacts our lives and then how we can harness it for our benefit. By beginning the task with a brainstorm and then procrastinating after, we allow our subconscious to get to work for us. He closed with a call to action to try this method and avoid the last minute speech struggle.

Jan had a Christmas family photo themed tabletopics session tonight to get us into the festive mood for next week! Gary’s image was of the Christmas he dared his brother to get a chest tattoo, with Gary as the artist! A wild story that’ll last a life time… Ryan spoke about the picture of him and his pregnant wife decorating their Christmas tree with a 24 pack as decorations. Richard had a nice shot of his family covered in head to toe in tinsel and Christmas sweaters! Kahu shared the story from last Christmas when Uncle Trump got wasted, fell in mud and was sick all over his Christmas jumper. He’s still trying to sell that photo to the media…

Matt featured in a picture by the media of mall Santa stripping down Riccarton Road before being tackled and arrested by police. Diane had a cute snap of her neighbours putting up their Christmas tree using their indoor climbing wall. Craig told us all about his white Christmas in Italy with police women on segways in the annual Santa parade. Eva showed us a scandalous photo from a New Years party in Russia of an intoxicated Santa having a grand time on their holiday party.

Thank you to our evaluators: Ryan, Ellie, David, Gary, Jane and Richard for providing useful feedback to all of our speakers!

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