Praising shoe rhymes

Oh what a night!  Some great speeches, a whole bundle of laughs and a lot of learning.  Congratulations Chrissy on putting together such a stellar evening!

Marg was our Grammarian with the word of the night “Cusp” which she explained so clearly.  Then it was into the speeches, with Ade leading the charge.

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe” began Ade, with her Entertaining Speaker speech #2 ‘Resources for entertainment’.  This speech called for Ade to draw entertaining material from other sources and tell them in your own style.  Ade’s approach was the personification of the old woman in the shoe – through a real life friend with many, many children!  The parallels between the nursery rhyme and the friend were brilliant – the cooking, washing and not knowing what to do!  Great stuff!

Speaking from the Advanced Communication manual project #2, Dave B gave an interesting speech based around feedback.  This speech included two parts, an introduction with some background on the topic followed by a role-play based on a real-world situation.  As evaluator Ellie said in her evaluation, Dave’s introduction was text-book – clear, concise and something you could “hang your hat on”.  For his role-play, Dave brought it to life with a real situation he often encounters at work with weekly project reports.  This speech was clearly a great learning opportunity for Dave and his fellow Toastmasters.


“We’re on the cusp of an election” began Jennifer,  as she introduced what came to be an absolutely epic Tabletopics session based on election campaigns.  Jen had prepared several generic logos for Party Leaders to base a two minute speech on their policies!


Marg was first, with ‘The double buggy motherhood party’.  For a government which stood for the serious and practical issues – which seemed to be wide-double-buggy access to all public places!

Tim was next with ‘The sunrise party’ – a party of new-age sun-worshippers, who planned to rid New Zealand of obesity and malnutrition through compulsory-daily-nude-sunrise-worship.

Matt introduced ‘The Wifi party’, which stood for “free Wifi for everyone, all the time, everywhere”.  Nice!  Matt asserted that Wifi was a basic necessity of life, coming 3rd after food and sleep!

Maya was the leader of the wave party, but it turned out that wave was actually an acronym for We, All, Victory & Environment.  Awesome stuff Maya – you blew us away!

Malcom took-on the persona of the “Atomic regulation party” leader, promising free power to everyone, everywhere, through liberal use of nuclear power in New Zealand!

“The rising stars” party leader Ellie wasted no time before ripping into the previous parties, tearing their policies to pieces!  Ellie asserted that her ‘four quarants’ campaign would trump all the others!

Congratulations Jennifer on an absolutely monumental round of Tabletopics tonight!

See you next time!

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