Parihaka & The Nod

From the powerful to the light-hearted, tonight’s session was engaging, fun & educational.

Toastmaster Dave Brierly had punctuality in mind from the outset and with a concise introduction we were straight into Dave Young’s Bard, an account of one woman’s incredible experience and growth through Toastmasters.

Tim started his new book tonight, speaking from The Entertaining Speaker with a humorous talk titled ‘The nod’. Centered on the trials of being a participant in Movember, there were plenty of giggles as he reviewed a series of famous mostaches, including our very own champion Toastmaster Dave Y.

Featuring a large scale artwork of the Parihaka Marae & its people, Chrissie retold with passion the story of Parihaka in post-colonised Aoteroa. Chrissie’s story built beautifully as she explained the history of the Parihaka haven and its peaceful people, then the destruction that came so unjustly. A very powerful and moving speech.

Inka lead a brilliant table topics session based on fairytales with a Christmas theme. JP was first up with a Christmas version of Rumpelstiltskin and how he balanced a gold export business (Made from trick-or-treater’s hair) with another more devilish activity, turning unsuspecting victims into elves with his magic gold cape! In an incredible feat, Kathy managed to include the entire set of dwarfs in her Christmas Snow White story. But wow, Kathy’s Snow White had some attitude when it came to dwarfs! Then Jennifer rolled out an incredible Cinderella Christmas story, this time with Cindy getting a hand from her fairy godmother to go to Christmas in the Park! Forget horses & carriages – her fairy godmother magicked up a Red Bus & bus-pass! Brilliant!

Some eye-watering humour coupled with some very moving speeches too. A great night to have fun, and a great night to learn. Congratulations to our two guests Neha & Jonathan for coming along too.

Next week is our skills workshop. Please send your ideas through to Jonathan to help him prepare. See you then!

Chrissie presents her speech on the story of Parihaka