Oh those troublesome rocks

A short evening tonight with just two speakers and tabletopics to allow time for a social drink afterwards. It might’ve been short, but it was diverse! Super-challenging tabletopics, a phenomenal ice breaker and an educational with a touch of meditation!

Janet’s educational speech tonight, “Oh those troublesome feelings”, was so very appropriate for Toastmasters. Beginning with a brainstorming session regarding what we feel before and after we speak, Janet proceeded to dissect the reasons why we so often experience these feelings. Then in a first for a Cathedral City speech, Janet took 5 minutes guiding us through a relaxing and inward-focused experience in order that we understand precisely how our body is feeling. “Our body doesn’t lie, it holds the messages that are within us”. A brilliant speech that was incredibly effective in its delivery.


Our newest Toastmaster was next with his icebreaker speech “Books, rugby and rocks”. With great use of props, humour and great anecdotes, Sam did a fantastic job of introducing himself to the group and to Toastmasters. Speech evaluator Jennifer was clearly impressed with the skills Sam already possesses for public speaking and praised him for doing an entire icebreaker speech without notes! Incredible! Congratulations on making this start tonight Sam, we can’t wait to hear you next speech and watch you progress in Toastmasters.


Dave B’s tabletopics were absolutely genius tonight. Dave begun rolling out an entire board of crazy words and definitions, with the challenge being to give a definition of the word! Jennifer might’ve known half of the words already, but the rest of us were gob-smacked, leading to much of what Dave would call “embellishing it a little”! Jan had ‘Gardyloo’, apparently some kind of garden-based lavatory. JP had the ‘Hootenanny’ which surprisingly turned out to be a skin-coloured umbrella, made out of, um, skin! Last of all we had Sergie with the ‘Bowyang’, a leather belt Segie’s Dad used for discipline. Ouch!


Thanks for another great evening. See you all next time!

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