Illustrious bagology with knickers

Tonight was an evening filled with evocative, beautiful language.
Chrissy set the scene with her word of the day ‘illustrious’. Following on, Dave B delivered a bard rich with clever turns of phrase from a piece by Stephen Fry. The bard focused on language and helped seal the theme of language for the evening. Next up was Margaret’s hilarious speech about ‘bagology’. This was Margaret’s first speech to the group and she impressed us all with her humour, enthusiasm and excellent visual aids. We were entertained with flying lacy knickers, some mints passed around the room and a bottomless bag from which she pulled everything and anything out of.

Dave Y led an entertaining session of table topics picking some unfamiliar words out of the dictionary for us to ‘define’ (and I use that term loosely) from jentacular to biblee to xertz.

Inka, our lovely TM, kept the meeting running smoothly and Jonathan has updated us all with a schedule for the rest of the year.

Until next time!