Desire of a real job with children

We shook things up a little with a chair-and-table approach to tonight’s meeting, lead by able-Toastmaster Scott. Inka warmed us up with an insightful reading on the mind and brain exercises, before Dave B introduced the word of the day Desire complete with a constable-grammarian persona.

The audience of 15 was absolutely spoilt with two magnificent prepared speeches tonight. Jan had the floor first with an engaging, humorous approach to the topic What I really do for a job. Jan used awesome vocal variety, body language (Chocolate treats) and fantastic language to deliver a thoroughly entertaining speech, which had Randal, amongst others, flashing back to his own years at school.

Tasha delivered her fifth speech tonight, based this time on several hillarious recounts from an aunt’s perspective of the life and antics of 2 and 4 year-old children. Tasha showed again that she is a master of speech-writing, with clever a narrative that can weave from account to account with vivid language and word-pictures. Ellie commended Tasha for her use of body language tonight which was the objective of the speech.

Chrissy lead our table topics with several book props where the challenge was to launch the book as the real author. Good times, amazing supper (Thanks again Jan & Tasha) and plenty of learning opportunities. See you next time.

Jan shows how to add emphasis with fantastic body language
Tasha gets animated with her story while Scott wipes away tears of laughter