Horsing around with football & gunpowder

A truely lively evening, with plenty of laughs, and as Jan pointed out in her evaluation, an almost reminiscent theme of our childhoods – explosions, childhood dreams, sports teams & flying beds. We had three blinding speeches tonight, all brilliant in their own right, for quite different reasons.

Gary kicked us off with a magnificent talk centred around an event in his childhood football team. Speaking without notes, Gary demonstrated how to deliver a powerful message through anecdotal recounts and magnificent word pictures, not to mention a sprinkling of humour.

Dave Young showed us how to bring a speech to life with vocal variety – the highs, the lows, the whispers and the brilliant Dave-style-emphasis and all the great body language that goes with it. Dave’s fictitious story about following his dreams to become a jockey, was laugh-out-loud funny – a work of genius. Good luck on Saturday with it Dave.

Randall rounded off the prepared speech section with a brilliant, engaging talk on his experience with home-built gun-powder and antics with fireworks as a kid in West Auckland. Speaking almost entirely from memory, Randall used structure, great body language and vocal variety to get his story across – a truly hilarious and captivating speech.

Dave Brierly lead table topics tonight with a “What if” theme. We heard what Ellie would say, if she could speak to herself at age 10, also what age Jan would like to be if she could change for a week.

Thanks for an awesome evening – see you all next time.

Dave pauses for effect while describing his ficitious childhood aspirations
Dave pauses for effect while describing his ficitious childhood aspirations