New Venue For An Amazing Club

Tonight we ventured into the unknown as we arrived at our brand new club venue – the Upper Riccarton Methodist Church at 3 Brake St! To celebrate this important transition we enjoyed a special supper break with delicious snacks and fun balloons floating around.

Toastmaster Carl organised the meeting and we had two great speeches and a fun table topics session.

First up was Gary who gave us the first speech in a series of three! You can watch the speech below. Gary spoke about one of New Zealand’s most intriguing cold cases – a double murder that took place decades ago and which has never been solved. We can’t wait for the next part in a couple of weeks.

Gary delivers a captivating speech about a famous cold case

Next up was Diane who explained in hilarious detail how she finally passed her full drivers license test! Diane has been trying to pass the test for 20 years, so it was certainly a moment to celebrate when she finally got the big tick in the box!

Table topics were handled by Jane and we got to hear some funny (probably true!) stories about people’s lives. After the break we had some amazing evaluations, including Craig’s very first evaluation!

See you all next week!