New Beginnings & Successful Endings

Tonight on this warm evening at Cathedral City, we had our ever enthusiastic Ellie as Toastmaster. She welcomed us to the meeting and let us into a superb night.

First up we had Jonathon who presented us with his icebreaker speech “The Confession” – his confession being that he had once been a toastmaster before … 20 years ago! He gave us his journey to joining Toastmasters International and how he began it with a number 0 shave!!

Sanna was second up on the block, delivering her 10th and final speech from the competent communicator manual. She gave us the inspirational speech on how she has taken advice from her dad throughout her life and how there was theory behind his ideologies. 

Diane was our third speaker of the evening – completing her last part of level 2 of pathways “Being a Protégé” was the title of her speech and she took us back to the beginning of her journey of Toastmasters in Wellington. 

All three of our speeches were significant points in these Toastmaster’s journeys’ and all followed the theme of inspiring and finding inspiration in others. Congratulations to all of our speakers tonight! 

Our table-topics tonight was a great game of How, What, When, Where and Why? Our speakers picked two words and we’re given a topic based of the choice from Ellie! Our line up consisted of JP, David & Matt who all did a stellar job! 

We then had a golden team of evaluators to present our speakers with some very very useful feedback. A big thank you to Kahu, Richard, Ryan, Nick, Craig and Gary!!

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