Moving beyond half spectrum

With rain lashing down outside, tonight’s meeting was a little quiet on attendance – but that didn’t stop us from filling the room with fun & hearty laughter.

Quotes seemed to be the order of the evening for Toastmaster JP – armed with an impressive variety he rolled them out as the evening progressed. One quote from Dean Karnazes was rather popular though;

“Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”

Rohit had us all guessing when his CC7 speech tonight was announced as ‘The world through half spectrum’. A picture of confidence, Rohit delivered a great speech to inform, centred around the topic of colour blindness, told from the perspective of someone who has the condition.


Evaluator Gary described “Moving beyond” by Janet as perfectly in balance – a balance of content, presentation & speech objectives. This was her first speech for CCTM – a rich analysis of human consciousness and our built-in “fight or flight” mechanism. Ending her speech on the modern subject of stress, Janet asserted ‘Love is the antidote for stress’.


Tabletopics tonight was all about randomness – pick three random words then string your speech together to include them! There were midnight drive-by beehive smash-ups, toffeepops & peppermints for breakfast in Haast, pumpkin soup for four with six extras, house sketches while fishing with mates, a musical rice-shaker glass-jar smash-up and trouble with a missing fighting bunny! Brilliant!

Congratulations to Marise on receiving her Toastmasters starter pack tonight! Good luck to JP and Dave Y this Saturday in the area championship!

Until next time!