Morse, Metaphors and Mockingbirds

This week was a bit of a change up, with many things a little different.

Dave opened the meeting and got things underway by handing over to our grammarian for the evening Sam.

Sam challenged us to use Metaphors, Similes and Adjectives when we spoke during the meeting.

Next up was David who spoke to us about a day in history.  We were illuminated to the fact the on the same day in 1836 Morse code was first used.  After some fun and interesting facts we were handed over to our first bard of the evening by Stephen.

Stephen read to us from the book To Kill a Mocking Bird.
Treated to a mixing of accents and an excerpt delivered in a way that kept us all on the edge of our seats.

UntitledNext was our speaker for the evening Tim, who spoke to us about the importance of a Toastmasters Club having goals.  He shared how successful we have been as a club and that we have what it takes to do it again.  Afterward we were all excited to tick our club goals off the list.

Our second bard for the evening was Janet, who read to us about The Great Grief.  Which is about how our planet is in great danger and we seem content to turn a blind eye.  We don’t see or hear about this important topic enough and in some cases, not at all.

Our Table Topics master Jane had a twist for us, rather than impromptu speaking, we were challenged to communicate without speaking. JP, Sam and Ellie all had a tough time trying to convey their message without speaking, they all did a great job.  We also had a guest for the evening, Tracy. Who it was lovely to meet and look forward to seeing her again.

See you again next time.

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