Man’s most Canadian trump card

Best night of the week?  Has to be Tuesday.  Has to be Ellie as our Toastmaster!  Attitude was the theme and great attitude is what we got, right from the collective “Tuesday” answer we shouted out to kick it all off.

With her first Toastmasters speech tonight was Sanna with ‘Almost becoming Canadian’.  A major goal of the ice breaker speech is to find out what natural speaking abilities you already have, and tonight it was perfectly clear to all that Sanna has plenty already!  This speech was a great story, telling how our originally Finnish Sanna came to be in Invercargill after narrowly missing Canada!  A brilliant speech, laced with humour, body language and some great background on our newest member.  Welcome to Toastmasters Sanna!

Dave Ba was next with his 4th Competent Communicator project “Man’s most thoughtful gift”.  Wow!  This was one entertaining speech!  Dave had the group in fits of laughter as he described the trials and tribulations of shopping for the ultimate Christmas for his wife – women’s underwear!  Congratulations on creating such a hilarious masterpiece Dave, we loved every second of it!


On his way back through the Competent Communicator manual for the nth time, Gary was next with project 2 titled “Playing the trump card”.  Inspired by the political antics of US presidential wannabe Donald Trump, this clever parody brought Trump right to New Zealand and our local issues; the resource management act, fiscal waste and law and order (Including a naval blockade around the Auckland Islands!).  Gary has stepped up his game, aiming to master a new more organic method of speech building which doesn’t require paper and pen.  Well done Gary, you nailed it!


Binaya’s Tabletopics were utterly hillarious.  In a very clever move, Binaya set up participants to give impromptu wedding speeches!  What followed was a whole lot of cross references, mixed personalities and laugh-until-you-cry entertainment.  Congratulations JP (Father of the bride), David K (Groom), Kahu (Best man), Jessica (Maid of honour) and Sergie (Father of the groom) on giving great speeches.

Contest night is next this week.  See you all then!

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