Make the public wave connection

This was one hearty meeting.  Some hearty laughs, some good hearty topics and some moments close to our hearts too.  “The only question in life is whether you’re going to say ‘Yes’ to your next adventure” began Toastmaster Janet in a very fitting quote from Joseph Campbell.  With three speakers and table topics to come, we were straight into the action.

Already giving her 3rd Toastmasters speech tonight was Jane with “Public Participation”.  Speaking about her crash introduction to running, exercise and triathlons, this speech was a brilliant exemplar of how to entertain while effectively communicating a message.  Jane was clear that her objective was to inspire others to participate in community events, and she did exceptionally well by sharing her experiences and making her points this way.  Thank you for another great speech tonight Jane.


The title of the next speech was quite a tongue twister!  Sam B’s “Compressional wave anisotropy in the Haast Schist” was based around his 2011 honours thesis of the same name.  This technical speech could have completely lost on his audience, but Sam picked his way through the topic with great skill, using every day language, clever simarlies and crystal clear examples.  “I’m not a geologist” remarked evaluator Dave Y, “but I really understood what Sam was talking about”.  Congratulations on another cracking speech tonight Sam.


The final project of the competent communicator manual is called “Inspire your audience” and this is precisely what Jan did tonight.  “Make the connection” was truly moving and inspirational.  Beginning by describing two now well-known students Jan previously taught, Jan emphasised the importance of adults’ involvement with children and young adults; one child goes off the rails as a sex worker and eventually a victim of homicide, the other develops into a world-class sports star.  This country has 5000 children in foster care and around 9000 children being born each year into at risk situations.  “Children want to be good and they want to be loved” asserted Jan “but they don’t have the skills or knowledge to break out of the cycle”.  Jan’s call to action was simple, step up and connect.  Take action.  “Tomorrow is your day, go out and make the connection”.  Thank you for this powerful message tonight Jan and congratulations on achieving the competent communicator award tonight with such grace.


Sergie’s Tabletopics were very clever, based around quotes on happiness.  Sam H was finding happiness in leaping to conclusions, Binaya being content in happiness, Margie got flushed on finding something to be enthusiastic about, Jennifer finding happiness in spending money on someone else and Luke having something to do, something to love and something to hope for.

Thank you all for another great evening with such rich and entertaining speeches.

See you all next time!

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