Lost city or feisty bedtime story?

Here it comes – the usual Tuesday recap, this time from a somewhat unusual Toastmasters evening, an evening which was almost dominated by guests! In the wake of a number of absences we shuffled the agenda around to fit and still made a corker evening of it.

Toastmaster Tim was in charge beginning with a tramping story from the weekend, before Ade so eloquently introduced the word of the evening “Feisty”.

With the grammatical challenge set, it was over to Jonathan with his speech-to-inform, this time a history lesson based on the mythical lost city of Atlantis. “Lost city or bedtime story” was not your average history lesson however – sure he had the whiteboard, but the delivery was all-consuming. As evaluator Gary pointed out, Jonathan’s use of rhetorical questions, parallels and the manner in which the story was unraveled was genius. Had Plato been making it up all along, based on what he’d seen in the sunken city of Helike? So interesting, so thought provoking, such a great speech.

Not your average history lesson

Dave B’s tabletopics came with a holiday theme tonight, where contestants were subject to a random choice of destination and transport with a budget nominated by Dave. Gary lead the charge with a motorbike & sidecar ride from Bluff to North Cape, followed by Ellie who was going to drive from New York to Los Angeles in a convertible sports car on a grand budget of $100. With a whopping $10,000 to spend, Jan strapped her skateboard to the roof of her limo and went to Disneyland, while Tim cruised the golf course in his cart, on a floating city, in the Caribbean. It was great to have our newest Toastmaster Marise up for her first table topics – she did a great job describing how easy it was going to be to visit the various capitals of Europe by hot air balloon, and who could forget Ade with all her friends, riding through the Himalayas on tandem bicycles!

Congratulations also to our guests Kenneth & David for introducing themselves – we hope to see you back again soon.

Until next time!