Look for awkward cricket in the park

“A relaxed evening” began General Evaluator Ellie with a smile, “But relaxed in the sense that I can see so many people stepping out, calmly enjoying the challenge and delivering on that challenge”.

With three prepared speeches for the evening, tonight’s line-up was bursting with variety.

Our first speech was an ice breaker from David, and he well-and-truely did break the ice.  Cricket bats and awkward hats was a brilliant tale of three distinct periods of David life, which included some neat props such as his cricket umpires coat and Navy sailors hat.  David’s speech was laced with humour and great language – he’s really off to a great start.  We’re all looking forward to his next speech.

David begins his Toastmasters journey in style!

Ade gave her 9th CC speech tonight, challenged with the task of persuading the audience – and “A walk in the park” really did deliver!  Armed with quotes from Arianna Huffington and others, Ade systematically built her argument for the benefits of walking and nature on the human body & mind until her final call to action to get out there and do it!  Awesome.

Ade slips from the clutches of her husband Toastmaster Dave

Our third speaker was Janet, also speaking with the challenge to persuade.  “Look up” was a rather technical speech, delivered in an easily understood manner which evaluator Dave Y. commended her for.  “What is going on with our weather?” began Janet, but just when you thought this was going to be a speech about global warming or climate change, out came words like “Geo Engineering”, “Cloud seeding” & “Chem trails”.  “Look up” was indeed a persuasive speech on the topic of weather modification which left the audience informed and wanting to learn more on the topic.  You can find the documentary Janet referenced in her speech here.

Janet sets up her persuasive message for the evening

In tabletopics tonight, Chrissy recognised the coincidence of Ellie & The Queen’s birthday.  What followed was a series of speech challenges relating to the two.  Jen described an incredible chocolate fudge cake which would be perfect for Ellie’s birthday meal.  JP picked William as the Queen’s favourite grandchild, but not without mentioning his own favourites which included Will & Kate, but mostly Kate.  Next Gary took on the persona of a flamboyant handbag designer, describing Ellie’s perfect bag as a ‘back to basics paper bag with a pink flower motif on the side’.  Finally Matt described the significance of the Queen to him, including how handy she is when making small-talk on twitter with other people from commonwealth countries!

Another great evening!  See you all next time!