Keys, locks, flags & leuvers

Tonight was a whole lot of fun as two teams argued it out over the New Zealand flag referendum in Cathedral City’s annual debate.  Ellie had set the moot the week before as “Should New Zealand change its flag”.  With a week’s preparation behind them, the stage was set for a monumental showdown.

On the affirmative side was JP, Matt, Binaya and our newest toastmaster Luke.  On the negative team was Tim, Sam B, David K and Sam H.

There was heckling, there was desecration and there were plenty of wild statements.  John Key’s motives were put into question, the silver fern was promoted, facts and polls were hurled about including exorbitant costs, saving the dolphins, flags at half-mast for fallen soldiers, dirty money scattered all over the floor and even a re-enactment of John Key’s three-way handshake.



In her conclusion, Ellie praised both teams for their preparedness and cohesion.  She also remarked on the way both teams attacked the issues and not the people.  Nice.


The winning team was the affirmative, taking out the challenge by a very slim margin.

Well done to all who helped out.  See you next time!

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