July 30 Recap

Tonight was all about diversity & learning, with a whole lot of fun mixed in.  Randall blew us away with his tales of near death escapes, soaring with eagles & more in his hang-gliding second CC speech “In a world full of people only some choose to fly”.  Other highlights included an awesome session of kiwi slang table topics with Inka, a brilliant reading from Nigel Latta with Kathy and keeping up with the diversity theme, a slamming soap box from Dave regarding idiots on Christchurch’s northern motorway.  Then just to make sure we all had something to take home, Ellie shared her 6 secret tips for presentation success.  Oh, and how was that fudge?  Thank you Jan!  See you all on contest night next week!

Toastmasters losing the plot at another wacky Tuesday meeting.
Toastmasters losing the plot at another wacky Tuesday meeting.


Ellie’s (not-so-secret) tips for success
  1. Four corners – how to fake eye-contact, just don’t get dizzy
  2. “Mr Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters …” – it’s all about handing off the floor
  3. Thank you – revel in your speech ending – don’t ask for thanks, don’t run away, just soak up the applause.
  4. The handshake – No limp fish, and no dominating the shake either
  5. <Insert 5th secret tip here> – sorry folks, I’ll take better notes next time …
  6. Go naked – you don’t need that lectern – go without notes, or at least put the lecturn to the side.