Humorous & Table Topics Contests!!

Tonight Cathedral City held it’s annual humorous speech and table topics contents! Our humorous contest was chaired by long standing member Tim who did an outstanding job with Richard providing the perfect hilarious warm up speech “I didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose me” all about how his ambitions of owning a large dog we’re realized with a cute, little pup who likes to lead Rich into embarrassing situations.

David was our first contestant of the evening with his speech titled “Impromptu Experiments” and explained to us that everything in life is basically a science experiment from a blocked toilet to a loss of smell due to B.O in a movie theatre.

Gary was up second with his speech titled “Hot chicks, dead cats and a dancing sharks” which was a twisting tale of events on how he learned that he was the definition of hotness on the dance floor and how later on he had to fend off the sharks that were so strongly attracted to those boogie skills.

Philipp was third, titling his speech “Don’t tell me the odds,” a battle of pessimistic and optimistic thoughts about German humor. He lead us through a story involving adopted children who got eaten and turned out to be watermelon, grown from a New World supermarket promotion. He wrapped up his hilarious speech with the strong message of how a positive mindset can change the odds by a great deal.

Kahu was our next speaker with “It sounds too good to be true.” He took us along on his experience catching a flight to the Greek Islands from London in 2001 for one single pound. He faced many challenges as his cheap flight deal happened to have not one but multiple strings attached. It turned out that his dollar deal was too good to be true but he had us in stitches of laughter.

Mike was last but not least and gave us “rainbows and fairy dust.” Mike schooled us on our fiber intake and gut bacteria with an educational speech with hilarious moments scattered throughout. The topic of gut health transpired to bacteria transplants and how through sharing we can all have healthy intestinal bacteria.

We were privileged to have not only 5 speeches in our contest tonight but 5 top quality speeches with a plentiful dose of laughter throughout the meeting. I think everyone in attendance can agree that it was one of our most enjoyable contests yet!


Our table topics contest was chaired by our president Diane with the pondering question, If you could outlaw any vegetable, what vegetable would that be?

The contest was kicked off by our first speaker, JP who took the audience’s tastes and dishes into consideration and decided to keep all vegetables in circulation (for now) after some debate.  Philipp the vegetarian was up next with his hate for cucumber “I mean what is that?” A few of us could definitely agree. Then followed by Ellie who is now in control of the vegetable draw in her refrigerator after graduating her childhood into adulthood.  I can tell you now, she isn’t keeping brussel sprouts in there… Dave was next with his long-standing battle with sweed and how it’s bland flavor begins to spread across your dinner plate. Ryan ended with a journey of vegetable discovery across the globe until he finds the vegetable that is the least delicious, long story short: tomato is cancelled.

A massive thank you to all of our guest judges tonight, without your help and expert judging skills our contest tonight wouldn’t have been as successful!

A big congratulations to our winners of the humorous speech contest:

1st – Gary

2nd – Kahu

3rd – Philipp

Another big congratulations to our table topics contest winners:

1st – Dave

2nd – Philipp

3rd – JP


But your all winners in my book!!! – I hope you all enjoyed the meeting tonight as much as I did – enjoy your weeks’ and see you all next meeting!!

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