Helicopter Parenting, Rejection and a few Plastic Bags

This week we had the privilege of having Tamson in her debut as Toastmaster for the evening!

She ran a well organised meeting with a theme of mindfulness of mental health which flowed throughout the evening. David gave us his second ever ice breaker about rejection and how it has shaped and lead him to be the successful person he is today. Richard spoke about our plastic bag problem and what we can do as individuals to work towards a more sustainable future! Kahu was our third and final speaker and he gave us a supported argument about why wrapping our kids in cotton wool isn’t actually the best for their development. Ryan then gave us a hilarious ‘take the line and tell the story’ style table topic session which ranged from our speakers being suspected criminals to painting the inside of the house a array of bright colours and how that impacts a persons mental well being!!

A great evening once again – it was a great turn out and we hope to see more and more members coming along as it gets warmer!

Have a fantastic week and in relation to being mindful of mental health remember to check on your pals every now and again… Ask them if they’re okay!

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