GUI Leadership

One word… Awesome.

That’s what our Toastmasters meeting was like this week at Cathedral City Toastmasters.

Our Toastmaster for the evening Dave got us underway by with a message about saving trees, it was a subtle point, but I think it was well received. Something to think about.
He eased us into the meeting by bringing up Kathy.

Kathy introduced our first speaker for the evening Emma. She reminded us about all the roles Emma has performed at the club and was yet to give her Ice Breaker speech.

Emma spoke to us about the Aspiring Leaders Forum she attended this year with her husband.
She told us how there are always many of amazing keynote speakers invited along to speak on a variety of topics, especially leadership.
After days of learning and fun, they gave back to the community by heading out to a local neighborhood and cleaning up the streets, helping local residents with yard work or house maintenance.
What an inspiring message. Thanks Emma and well done on your first speech.


Up next was Gary who introduced Kenneth.

Gary let us know that one of the things he likes most about Kenneth’s speeches  is his dry wit.

Kenneth had an informative style speech for us, he spoke about the User Interface for Games (UIG).
He works as a game designer and this is a subject he knows very well… No, extremely well.
He then broke down the UIG to a granular level and left us with a complete picture as to what the UIG is and a little as to how it comes together.
By the end of this speech we all were on a level where we felt we could move into the field of User Interface design. OK not quite that far, but pretty close I’m sure.
Great job mate.


Marg was up next as our Table Topics Master.

She had a cunning topic ready to go with each speaker given a word they had to fit into there table topic twice, whilst telling a story. What a challenge!

First up was Jennifer with her special word ‘Enthralling’.
She led us down -at first- a pleasant story type path with a nice setting and plenty of scope. Only to be ripped from our day dream by witches who had vertically challenged people cooking and cleaning, then staging a revolt.

Up next to carry on the story was Dave, and we matched on with his special word ‘Titillating’.
Daunting as his task was, we were treated to a masterful combination of scenes that he managed to weave and have us follow every word.

Next was Dave Young with his special word ‘Praiseworthy’.
Using his superior skill in body language he managed to portray a creepy persona that had us engaged from the get go.

Then adding in some scary word pictures of preserving jar with odd items had us thinking twice about our cup of tea.

Ade was then up with her special word ‘Illustrious’.
By adding in some interesting body language, she took us on a cinematic adventure.
Captivated by her combination of movements and words she had the audience waiting to see what would happen next.

Lastly was our youngest member, Matt, with his special word ‘Solemn’.
Managing with ease to include his word twice and ending it all with a brilliant punch line.
Look out Toastmasters, this boys got talent.

Thanks to everyone else who helped out at the meeting and for such an Awesome night.

Next week: We have two brilliant speakers, Tim Shurr and David Knight. Be sure to get along and see them!

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