Gratuity and Gettin’ Rid of Stuff!

This week at Cathedral City we were lucky enough to have Richard as Toastmaster for the first time ever! As expected he did a smashing job, putting together a successful, well run meeting for us all.

First up we had Craig with his ice breaker on why he became a member of Toastmasters. He explained to us how he has struggled with confidence in the past and is ready to use this organisation to better himself. He didn’t make it all the way to the end of his speech but is ready to give it another crack and we all admire his courage in doing so! Craig is well on his way to becoming a better public speaker!

Second speech of the night was from Matt. He stirred the audience with a personal tribute to the grandfather that he never got to meet. It was a moving speech that demonstrated so well how effective we can be as public speakers when we tap into our emotions to convey a message. Matt not only spoke eloquently, but he showed the evidence of a leader within his wider family. Stirring stuff, and everyone went away not only enriched but encouraged to reflect on the bonds within their own families.

Ryan’s speech was a second instalment of Tamson’s speech from the week before about minimalism. He took us on his own journey of this lifestyle movement and what it has done for him and his family. His speech project was persuade with power from the CC manual and he came through with the convincing punches and hit us all with a call to action to finish the presentation!!

Kahu’s table topics were focused on negativity and how we overcome different scenarios, situations or people. It was thought provoking and gave our speakers a range of ways to take the topic!

Another great meeting for the books Cathedral City!!

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