Going for the hattrick

It’s no secret.  We’re going for 10/10, for the 3rd time running!  That’s the DCP awards system; the Toasmaster’s Distinguished Club Programme – a global awards system for Toastmasters clubs which runs from July 1 each year.

In the last two years, the Cathedral City club has got the 10/10 ‘President’s Distinguished’ award status and this year, they’ve got their sights set on doing it again.  The following report from the end of February pegs the club at 6/10, but with one CC award currently filed with Toastmasters International, the club is just two CC’s and two AC’s away from another clean sweep.


And then there’s the good news; Sam and David K are both just two speeches away from finishing.  Then on the AC front, we have Ade, Dave B and Gary all just two speeches away, ready to tip the scales.

The ducks are lined up, it’s time to knock ’em down!

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