From holidays and happiness to Ashworts and AMSR.

Today, 12th of June 2018 we have a full on meeting with 4 speakers and Grammarian.

Our Toastmaster was Dave Young who has done a great job running the meeting and has lifted everybody’s mood with his sense of humor.

The 1st speaker was Mike, who spoke about various holiday locations and pros and cons of each.

The 2nd speaker was our Treasurer Hannah. She spoke about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and how it’s triggered and how we can make the most of it to relax. Google “AMSR Music” to find out more.

The 3rd speaker was Gary who delivered his speech “Behind the wire”. He spoke about his recent trip to Germany and shared with us his memories of his visit to Ashworth concentration camp and some history around this place.

Our 4th speaker was our president JP who spoke about the secret of Happiness and according to JP we have got to fulfill our “legend”, not someone else’s in order to be happy while it is also important to pay attention to the small things in life while chasing after our “legends”. His speech was based on the book Alchemist.

Our Grammarian for the evening was Kirsten that has introduced a new world “Boondoggle” that apparently means “useless thing”. She has explained the world very thoroughly and then delivered a report at the end of the meeting.

Our speech evaluators were Kahu, Richard, Dave K and Eva. Tim was our Table Topics Master and Fiona was Table Topics evaluator.

See you all next week!:)

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