Food and danger at the freezing works

It was another fun and action packed week at Cathedral City Toastmasters this week.  Toastmaster Ellie got things underway reminding us what the best night of the week was.  For those of you playing at home, its Tuesday.

Our Grammarian for the evening was Sam B, who reminded us about watching our fillers and encouraged us to use the word of the day which was ‘Pacify’.

Binaya was our first prepared speech maker who spoke to us on topic of food with his speech titled ‘Eat more vegetables and fruits’.  His task for the evening was to persuade us to do just that, and with what he covered in his speech we were all certainly convinced, with facts about Cardio Vascular Disease, Hypertension and Cancer. Its fair to say we were listening.  We learned that Elephants don’t get cancer and that you are much more likely to eat fruits and vegetables if you keep them in a place you can see them.  Thanks Binaya for such and informative speech.


Matt was up next regaling us with a story of ‘Danger, Bravery and Courage’.  We were told of a story from Matt’s younger years when he holidayed with family in Ngakuta Bay.  There was adventure, hardship, tears, taking off like a cheetah running for its lunch and much more.  Matt used some great descriptive language to get us involved in the story, but his task for the evening was actually to use his body more in his speech.  He was able to incorporate some targeted body language to add greater depth to his speech and with it a whole new dimension to the story.  Well done Matt.


Sam Hubbard was our final speaker for prepared speeches this week. The title of his speech was, ‘Introduction to Freezing Works’.  The title seemed self explanatory and did in fact give us an insight as to the operations of several different freezing works, such as Lamb plants, which could also service Bobby calves and Beef plants. There was another meaning too.  Sam lead us through his career in the freezing works industry. All the way through we could see how Sam was improving at his craft and building his knowledge and experience.  The way Sam talks about his work and career its safe to assume he will end up precisely where he means to.  Excellent speech Sam.


Our impromptu speakers tonight were given the theme of The Bachelorette.
Gray gave our speakers the task of convincing us that they were Mr Right for the Bachelorette, who was Snow White.

Our line up went like this:
Superman (Ade Brierly)
Darth Vader (Gary Judd)
Hermione Granger (David Knight)
Santa Claus (Jennifer Middendorf)
Then to Snow White made an appearance to choose her winner, who turned out to be Santa.

Well done everyone for such a great night.

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