Live & flourish with Charles

Tonight’s meeting was flourishing with variety, and people too as we had to pull in extra seats to accommodate our guests!


Toastmaster Tim kicked off on time getting straight into the programme, beginning with a bard from Rohit.

Sourced from a Time article written by Morgan Freeman, Rohit’s reading brilliantly described a humble yet courageous man who changed a nation, and changed the world – Nelson Mandela.

Grammarian Dave B introduced “Flourish” as the word of the day, with the challenge to use it as a verb or a noun.  And Dave did indeed discover plenty of great language throughout the evening as well as a generous adoption of the word.

Marise gave her icebreaker speech tonight titled You only live once (Or YOLO for younger readers).  Speaking about personal values and overcoming challenges with reference to previous speeches by JP & Dave B, Marise bowled-over her audience in this touching and authentic glimpse into the life of one of our newest Toastmasters.  Congratulations Marise.


The evening’s second speech was from a guest!  Ben from Ellesmere College had recently won a school speaking competition and is on his way to Government House this Friday to present his winning speech to the Governor General.  Ben was looking for some practise and feedback – we were happy to oblige!  Based on the wartime achievements of Charles Upham, Ben dismantled the glory of war and called us to remember the sacrifice given by so many.  We must remember.  Congratulations Ben, you have our best wishes for this Friday.


TableTopics was incredible – bursting with variety, from the reflective and sombre to the outright hilarious.  Jan was in charge, armed with a table of framed photos with the speaker charged with introducing a framed family member to the group.

JP began with Uncle Rangi, an ex-armed forces veteran who was famous for his ability to fix anything with sticky tape!  Ellie was next, introducing Daddy Dave, who was ‘always bigger than life’ and ‘there to lift up his son’.  Gary introduced Phyllis & Nelson the dog who were pictured walking in the Port Hills.  ‘Ok, nice’ we were all thinking, but then Gary told how one day Phyllis’ husband Steve had gone missing while mountainbiking in the area, and how Phyllis & Nelson walk in the hills every day searching for him.  Henry chose the buff surfies, introducing them as his older brothers Jason & Hector (Not to mention the dog Vincent – or was that ‘Innocent’?)  It turned out they’d all just been competing in Hawaii but were now hanging out at Leithfield Beach, chilling and considering life’s deepest and most challenging questions.  Last of all was Jennifer, introducing sister Shirley.  Now an accomplished supermodel, we learned how Shirley was tragically not born into the right body and was originally known as Steve!

Congratulations to JP who was placed 3rd at last weekend’s Area International Speech competition!  Congratulations also to Dave Y for competing at this level.

Remember; while we’re transitioning to the next schedule, please email JP if you’d like a specific role during the next couple of weeks.

See you next time!